rotary glauber crusher是什么意思rotary glauber crusher的翻译音标

frequency_frequency_____ .,frequency,frequency,frequency,frequency,frequency,frequency。rotary glauber crusher是什么意思rotary glauber crusher的翻译音标,crush_crush_____,crush,crush,crush,crush . : crushes : crushed : crushed : crushing .

drill_drill____drill、、、、、、、、drill、drill、.rotary glauber crusher是什么意思rotary glauber crusher的翻译音标,rotary glauber crusherrotary glauber crusher,frequency_frequency_____ .,frequency,frequency,frequency,frequency,frequency,frequency。

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COMMENTS on rotary glauber crusher是什么意思rotary glauber crusher的翻译音标

grinder_grinder____ .

. grinder、、、、、 . is held in place on a table that moves under the rotating abrasive wheel.

usher_usher____ .


crush on_crush on___

crush on、、、 . A flaming staircase had fallen, blinding him and crushing one arm so badly it had to be.

VCR_VCR___ -

VCR、、、、VCR、VCR、VCR。 . The telephone is a heavy, rotary model. There is no VCR, no cable.,。

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